About Organic Buffalo and Sprouts From Tiensvold Farms


Tiensvold Farms is located on the western edge of the Sand Hills of Nebraska and has been owned and opperated by Mark And Ila Tiensvold since 1988.  At Tiensvold Farms, buffalo and organic farming is a way of life. Just give us a call if you are interested in healthier red meat and organic sprouting seed.

Tiensvold Farms

Buffalo Meat

If you are throwing a barbecue party for your friends or celebrating with your family in the backyard, a few buffalo burgers or juicy steaks  on the grill from Tiensvold Farms will fix you right up. Tiensvold organic buffalo meat is mouthwatering, juicy, lean and rich in protein.


Farm Fresh Sprouts

We also have a variety of organic sprouting seeds.  Whether you are a large commercial sprouter or a home user, we can help you with your seed needs.  Sprouts are a great source of nutrition for your needs.